10 games that should in the Olympics but aren’t!

10 games that should in the Olympics but aren’t!

10 games that should in the Olympics but aren’t!

Some consider one’s ability to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds a feet only the most amazing can accomplish. Some think skill comes in the form of sticking a landing after doing 13 flips off a balance beam.

Dat Dismount

Not I.

Quite honestly the breathe of sports is not diverse enough. What about games we play in your backyards? Or at a tailgate? What about the games that require a sunny day and a beer in hand? The following are the games that should be in the Olympics. Time to go for the gold. Could you imagine hearing the national anthem after an intense game of…

1. Corn Hole
Nothing says champion like finding a way to put corn in a hole.

2. Beer Pong
There is an art in rearranging the cups.
Beer Pong

3. Video Games
Grand Theft Auto, Halo, & Call of Duty FTW.

4. Kan Jam
Could you imagine Lebron playing this game. Dunks for days.

5. Spike Ball
Trampolines and balls. What a combination.

Spikeball rally

6. Chess
Nerds need a place at the Olympics too!

7. Football (American)
Replace Goalllllll with Touchdownnnnnnn!


8. Tug of War
All about peace until there is a rope involved!


9. Hot Dog Eating Contest
Nothing says champion better than eating 99 hot dogs.


10. Dance Battle
Pop lock your way to gold.



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