2 Hacks for Rotten Tomatoes – Thanks Dark Tower

2 Hacks for Rotten Tomatoes – Thanks Dark Tower

2 Hacks for Rotten Tomatoes – Thanks Dark Tower

The other week Rotten Tomatoes helped ruin a movie for me.  Rotten Tomatoes showed me a great movie review for a reallllllly bad movie. Like almost unwatchable. It has more than 90% tomatoes, was certified fresh and it was so… [insert tears here].

Since then I’ve been looking for a way to not have my movies ruined by rotten tomatoes.  I stumbled upon some insights. Some life hacks. Two info nuggets.

 *** Rotten Tomato Hack #1 ***

If a review for a movie isn’t out 5 days before the movie comes out, the movie is going to be terrible.

Having low expectations for a movie is a good thing. You can’t be disappointed. 🙂

 *** Rotten Tomato Hack #2 ***

If you are already going to see a movie, just subtract 30 tomatoes from the Rotten Tomatoes from the movie. 

This should put your expectations at a reasonable level and allow you to enjoy the movie.

Everyone has been there. You have been waiting all year for that one movie. So you check a week before the movie comes out for those reviews to hopefully confirm that the movie will be amaze balls.  But no review.  So you go back a few days before, saying to yourself no biggie, but still no review.  Then you start wondering if the movie release date has been delayed.

If you get to this point just know the movie will be bad and don’t check back again. Movies are one of those things that having low expectations is a good thing.  So, use these Rotten Tomato hacks and never be disappointed with a movie ever again.


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