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This Pupper Was Voted The Ugliest Dog In The World

In MY opinion, there are no ugly puppers. They're all good puppers and they're all too pure for this world. But every year they hold The World's Ugliest Dog Contest and here's how it went... Meet Zsa Zsa, an English Bulldog from Minnesota. Congratulations to the new 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog winner, Zsa Zsa! . [...]

Demi Lovato’s New Song Hits Deep [Video]

It’s Summer time!! And during the Summer, we’re used to some hot jams like “Cool For The Summer” from Demi Lovato, but this year we’re getting something different. Demi has been very open with her struggles with drug abuse and also with her eating disorder. She is laying it all out on the table in […]

Kevin Hart is at it again: Lyft Time!

Nothing is funnier than Lyft drivers. Well, unless you have Kevin Hart dressed up like an old man as your Lyft driver! I have had some very entertaining experiences with getting a Lyft or Uber.  Some times the drivers are a little nuts but that makes the ride fun. There was more than one time […]

Pete Davidson Finally Confirms His Engagement to Ariana Grande [Video]

It’s been about a month since Pete Davidson (SNL) and Ariana Grande started dating. It’s been quite the quick progression, which has been met with some backlash from other celebrities and fans alike. But as long as they’re happy, we should be happy for them? Check out Pete chatting about his engagement on The Tonight […]

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