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Cardi B’s Performance With Her Adorable Baby Bump! [video]

It’s been rumored for a while that Cardi B was pregnant and now we can officially say that it’s true! Cardi  B performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and that’s when we got a good look at her cute baby bump! Check out her performing “Be Careful” below: This is Cardi B and […]

Now We Can Enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts Fries?

The Taco Bell fries were SUCH a huge hit, but unfortunately they are gone... for now. But what will we eat to fill that void? Do Dunkin' Donuts fries sound appealing? Um... YES!! @dunkindonuts needs to brings these to every #coffee shop. #donutfries are amazing! Taste just like #doughboy - #malasadas #portuguese #foodporn EDIT: this [...]

Dr. Evil is Back… [Video]

Can you believe that it’s been about 16 years since the last Austin Powers movie? I remember that they came out when I was a kid and I couldn’t watch them because I was too young! Even as an adult, I don’t think I’ve watched all of them. Just to reminisce, here’s a throwback to […]