Monthly Archive for: "November, 2016"

New Flavors Coming to Diet Coke

I have friends who are hardcore Diet Coke fans. Me? Not really my thing. I can't get over the taste. Maybe now that the Coca-Cola Company is coming out with more flavors, I can jump on board? Here's what's happening... Not only are they re-vamping the look of Diet Coke cans, but they are adding [...]

What to expect from the new ‘American Idol’

Well it has been quite a long time since we have had American Idol on the airwaves and with all the issues they had finding judges the anticipation is killing us. But what can we expect from this new American Idol on Fox with the Head Judge Katy Perry? Well pretty much the same. They […]

Trump Anthem “Bad Lip Reading” is Here and It’s On Point [Video]

I’m a little obsessed with these “Bad Lip Reading” videos. Politics is so serious, so it’s nice to have some comic relief 😀 President Trump was at the College Football Playoff national championship game in Atlanta on Monday. Before the game, he went onto the field with members of the military for the National Anthem. […]

The Weeknd Drops H&M Over Controversial Sweatshirt

I get people are over sensitive nowadays, but this is legitimately not cool of H&M. The Weeknd took to social media to announce that he is cutting ties with clothing brand H&M after seeing this item listed on their website... woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i’m deeply offended and will [...]