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Tech Tattoos – Cyborg or Cool Kid

It widely known fact if you have a tattoo you are the ultimate rebel.  There are some exceptions of course… Like Lower back tats. Still, if you have one, you are a REBEL It is also known you can be one of the cool kids if you have wearable tech like an iWatch.  But it is just a […]

Should computers be allowed to swear?

We all do it more than we probably should, drop an F Bomb here or there, calling a friend a “Richard” when hanging out, and occasionally teaching a child some of these words too early because they’re nosy little shi….but it is a part of everyone’s life and we can’t deny it. As a matter […]

This is the Most Popular Dog in America

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll automatically think your dog is the most popular dog in America because why not? They’re the greatest. Now we have an official count of which dog breed Americans love according to the The American Kennel Club. Check it out below: 1.  Labrador retriever. 2.  German shepherd. 3.  Golden retriever. 4.  […]