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The Latest Jean Trend… Crotchless?

There have been some ridiculous jean trends this year. Do you remember the $95 mom jeans with knee windows?   Or how about the $425 jeans that looked like they were muddy?   Well, I think this next one takes the cake! The French company Y/Project made jeans that are basically just the legs. So your nether region […]

Dodgeball Cast Gets together for one last Match!!

Ben Stiller is reprising his role as White Goodman in an effort to help out his charity The Stiller Foundation, which helps provide educational opportunities for children all over the world to help them reach their full potential. The Omaze foundation was able to get Stiller, Vince Vaughn as Peter La Fleur, Justin Long as […]

Freckle Tattoos Are a Thing Now?

It's true. From what I gather, most people don't like freckles on their face. I don't know why... I think they're cute. I personally like to ROCK my freckles. GIVE ME THAT SUNSHINE. Well, if you have the type of skin that doesn't have freckles, now you can. I present... tattooing freckles Heavier freckle pattern [...]

BEYONCE! Did she already have her twins?!

So what’s the deal with Beyonce? Because the rumor is, she already checked into a hospital Tuesday and HAS given birth two the twins…. ALREADY! Also, sources from Jay Z’s 40/40 club have said, YES, they know the babies have been born.  They’re healthy and she gave birth to one boy one girl. Yay!!!   […]

Selena Gomez “Bad Liar” Music Video is Here!

Holy retro. Selena Gomez looks amazing as always in her music videos. She’s also multi-talented! Clearly, since she’s playing multiple characters in this music video. Check out the new video for “Bad Liar” below!   What do you think? Comment below!