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First Trailer for “Dirty Dancing” Remake is Here [Video]

Nobody puts Baby in the corner… one of the most iconic film lines in history. And you instantly think of the famous Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in that romantic 1987 film. You may have also heard that they’re remaking “Dirty Dancing” with Abigail Breslin as Baby, along with Colt Prattes as Johnny. Other stars include: Debra […]

New Music From Lana Del Rey feat The Weeknd, and Paramore! [Video]

Oh hey Lana Del Rey… how nice of you to join us again! Actually, she’s definitely released music since her hit “Summertime Sadness,” but to be honest… I haven’t listened to any of it. This though… I may listen to. And it’s not just because I could listen to The Weeknd sing me the phone […]