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Feel Good Story Alert: This Dad “Peed” His Pants

Ben Sowards of Utah received a phone call from his daughter's school saying she had an "accident." Peeing your pants as a young child in school could be traumatizing... Ben understood that and wanted to make the incident seem like not a big deal. So before leaving the house to go pick up his daughter, he [...]

Egg Sheeran?

Here’s an interesting internet trend to come from Easter.  It’s Egg Sheeran! Got Easter Eggs?  Got a small obsession with Ed Sheeran? Got too much time on your hands? If you said, “yes,” than this is for you! People just spent time dressing up eggs like Ed Sheeran for Easter and it’s obviously pretty amazing. […]

Clear Coffee – Better Be Delicious

There is nothing better than starting off your morning right. Talking about a nice long shower, delicious breakfast, and of course the perfect cup of coffee. But you can spot a coffee drinker from a mile away, because coffee stains your teeth. All you have to do is look for someone that looks like they brush […]

Lady Gaga Debuted a New Single at Coachella!! [Video]

When Beyonce announced she was pulling out of Coachella, everyone was wondering who on earth could replace Queen Bey. I think they made a solid replacement choice. Lady Gaga rocked the Coachella stage with some classics, some new songs, and some not-so-famous songs. Also, if you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed Gaga debuting […]

This New Eyebrow Trend Makes Me Uncomfortable TBH [Picture]

What will they think of next? I honestly think people get bored and then feel the need to create a trend that should never see the light of day. Including this new eyebrow trend. so i'm starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday and dont forget to tag me like [...]