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Come on! Where are my Lefties at?!

  Are you a leftie? Well Sunday was your day — It was Left-Handers Day!  …. But…. If you’re just reading this and finding this out… It’s okay to celebrate today too! Sometimes it can be tough being a lefty —  Left-handed folks can have difficulties finding an appropriate pair of scissors, can opener or […]

Charli XCX and Halsey Hit the Stage Together!!!

At one of the biggest festivals of the summer there were a ton of great acts but one set stood above the rest in my eyes. It was Charli XCX, she hyped her crowd up on a beautiful day in Chicago and had her fans going nuts. Until she brought Halsey out to throw it [...]

Pink Dolphins Exist and Here’s a Video!

Swimming with dolphins somewhere tropical is on my bucket list. I always get jealous when I see friends and family members become best friends with a dolphin. I want that life... Dolphins are already the cutest, and now you're telling me they come in different colors?? It's true! Check out this video someone took off [...]

MTV VMA Performers Announced!

The 2017 MTV VMA’s are going down August 27th! And as that day draws nearer, MTV is announcing more details about the awards show…. like… who’s performing live this year! Katy Perry will be hosting the show, performing and is nominated for 5 VMA’s. MTV recently announced these guys will also be performing! Miley Cyrus […]