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What’s better than Fried Mac and Cheese?

What could possibly be better than Fried Mac and Cheese? It has it all, it's cheesy, gooey, soft with a perfect amount of crunch on the outside but after seeing this video I don't think I will ever be able to go back to it. Did you ever think your life was going great and [...]

Check Out How Thieves Can Steal Your Credit Card Info From An ATM

It’s good to be prepared when using your debit card at ATMs or gas stations these days.  It’s scary to think that thieves can steal your card info easily with a small device called a skimmer.  What’s even scarier? Check out how well concealed these skimmers are!! This is from Vienna, but instances are more […]

Emmy Nominations are out!  And… I feel like they did a pretty good job with these nods.  I like the top shows a lot! Westworld and SNL are tied for first with 22 nominations each.  Also, This Is Us, Stranger Things and House of Cards got a lot of nods. So here’s the nominations rundown: […]

My New Strange Addiction

I find that lately I have a new addiction every single week, nothing harmful, just something that occupies my thoughts constantly throughout the week. My last Strange Addiction was watching competitive eating, it is very weird and probably grosses a lot of people out to see a human just stuff their face with as much […]