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This Week in Weird Foods

I have an obsession with food. I know we need food to live, but why not have fun with it if we need it to fuel our body anyway? After searching the internet, here is what I found this week: Pop-Tarts with Jolly Rancher Filling There really is no explanation for this because it’s pretty […]

The “Romphim”, please don’t buy this for your guy!

The “Romphim” is the latest fashion trend to hit the internet and if the $119 price tag doesn’t keep you away hopefully I can convince you to not buy one on these for your boyfriend. Women have been the only sex to wear these for so long for a reason, the onesie does not agree […]

Self-Replying Email – Thanks Gmail!

Every day you clean out your inbox. Organize into a million folders. Clean out attachments. Reply and respond to every little stupid thing that people send. And don’t even get me started on the spam.  Stop telling me about that $200 cruise I can’t go on! It would be nice if email would just reply to itself […]

The Best New TV Shows Coming Next Season!

At this point, most networks have announced which TV Shows they're bringing back, which ones they're cancelling, and new shows coming to TV! Check out my favorites below: NBC What is NBC bringing back? "Better Late Than Never", "The Blacklist", "Blindspot", "Chicago Fire", "Chicago Med","Chicago P.D.", "Dateline NBC", "The Good Place", "Great News", "Little Big [...]