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Centre GIves Does it Again!!!

Centre Gives, Centre Foundation’s annual 36-hour online giving event supporting local nonprofits. Between 8 a.m. on Tuesday and 8 p.m. on Wednesday, community members gave 9,657 gifts totaling $1,425,745. The total set a new record for the event which began in 2012 and has broken the record for amount raised in each successive year.

New Jordan Peele Movie Revealed [Picture]

I actually JUST watched Jordan Peele's "Get Out" for the first time a few weeks ago. I was astonished, scared, and angry all at the same time. Bravo. It looks like we won't have to wait TOO much longer for the next Jordan Peele masterpiece. The film is called "Us" and we honestly have NO details at [...]

Celebrities with bugs or animals named after them!

Sara here — So I was reading about how Leonardo DiCaprio got a new beetle named after him… and it got me to think… Do other celebrities have bugs named after them too?   Well, the answer is, YES! ….. YES! YES! YES!  In fact, there’s a pretty extensive Wikipedia page devoted to this.  Check […]

Are Cryptic posts the new way to announce new music?

It seems like ever since Taylor Swift announced "Look What You Made Me do" with her cryptic posts that every artist is now teasing new releases in the same way. Just this week both Zedd and Ariana Grande have posted on Instagram doing this exact thing. What do you think they mean?

Rappers need therapy too – SNL

Donald Glover and the rest of the SNL crew hilariously captured the inner workings of a rap group like Migos. Normally we think that rappers only live the glamorous life driving Lamborghinis and poppin’ bottles. But SNL tackled the serious question: How do rappers stay friends? The answer: Therapy. Lots of Therapy. LMAO.