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This Japanese Game Show is My New Favorite Show [Video]

Do you ever get lost on YouTube? One video leads to another, which leads to another… and so on? Well, I was watching Japanese game shows on YouTube (yeah, don’t ask), and came across this gem. I couldn’t stop laughing…   I feel like you can make a drinking game out of this. Choose a […]

All 13 Batman Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

“Justice League” came out this last weekend and the reviews aren’t good.  So it’s not surprising that when decided to rank all the Batman movies from best to worst, it came in 11th out of 13.  It’s obvious that Vulture prefers the CHRISTIAN BALE and MICHAEL KEATON movies… and honestly, I do too. Michael Keaton was personally my favorite Batman.  Who was […]

Pringles has made your entire Thanksgiving… in chip form.

  Why cook for Thanksgiving??? Now you can just eat your entire Thanksgiving dinner, with all of your holiday favorites in chip form thanks to Pringles! It’s a box with eight different flavored stacks of Pringles:  Turkey . . . creamed corn . . . stuffing . . . mashed potatoes . . . cranberry […]

Blake Shelton Reads Mean Tweets About Himself [Video]

Ever since Blake Shelton was named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine, people have been so up in arms about it! You know who isn't up in arms? Blake Shelton... He doesn't care what you think! Just check out this video of him reading mean tweets about himself becoming "Sexiest Man Alive" below: Thank y’all [...]
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