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Puerto Rico, Project Loon and Hope

In addition to the need for food and water in Puerto Rico, people need hope. There are still many challenges to facing the 3.5 million people on the island. ┬áHope and expressions of love can get folks through the worst times. Hope many times comes from family and friends, but in many areas it was […]

Netflix changing its price!?!

Yup you heard right Netflix will be upping the prices for both of it’s Subscriptions. This comes now because Netflix is trying to be more edgy with it’s content. In the beginning of the year Netflix representatives said that they want to cancel more shows, because the more shows you cancel the more risks you […]

Is Penn State Haunted?

Rumor has it that former Penn State President Atherton and his wife Frances haunt certain areas on campus. After his death in 1906 he was buried next to Schwab Auditorium and its been told that he has been haunting it ever since. DUN DUN DUN Actually it is not that big of a deal, very […]