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Could Kim Kardashian Become An Attorney? [Video]

Kim Kardashian has been up to a lot lately. She recently met with President Trump to talk about prison reform, and actually got him to release a woman for a first-offense/non-violent crime. And she is continuing to help others as well. But do you think she should become more involved in politics? Or maybe become an […]

Jared Leto vs. Joaquin Phoenix – Who will be the better Joker?

I think DC Comics maybe going through a bit of an identity crisis in the moment.  Stiff, crushing competition from Marvel, combined with the fact that they’ve just been bombing… Wonder Woman is the only real “success” from DC as on late, and Aquaman (slated to drop in December) is the only DC Comics movie […]

A First Look at Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” [Video]

When I heard Tim Burton was remaking “Dumbo,” I was honestly a little confused! If you’ve ever seen a Tim Burton film (Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas etc..), you’ll know that those films are a little on the darker side. So, how are you going to make Dumbo dark? Well, here’s a glimpse […]

How Other Brands Reacted to “IHop”Changing to “IHob”

Whoever decided to change IHop to IHob should be fired and get a raise at the same time haha If you know what I mean... Obviously this campaign got people talking, and honestly I want to try one of their burgers now, so it did the job! The best part about this whole situation is how other [...]