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Black Eyed Peas New Single Without Fergie

It’s been 10 year since The Black Eyed Peas released a single without Fergie. And we’re finally getting a new album and some new music from them! Check out the new single they just dropped. It’s called “BIG LOVE.” So how does Fergie feel about the new single? Well, she fully supports the group and even shared the […]

Emmys go down Monday

The EMMYs go down Monday night!! Need the 411 on the upcoming award show?!  Here ya go! By the Numbers:  Nominations: Can’t wait to check out the awards Monday to see who wins big!  

That Time Heidi Klum Ghosted Drake

Let's rewind to the earlier this year when Heidi Klum was on the Ellen DeGeneres show playing "Who'd You Rather," which is when two celebrities are displayed and the person has to choose one. The process keeps going until one celebrity is left. In the process of Heidi playing, she mentioned have a crush on Drake! Well, Drake caught [...]

Paramore Will No Longer Perform “Misery Business” [Video]

Hands down one of the songs Paramore is known for is the song “Misery Business” All us emo kids are rocking out right now… but not for long. Front person of the band, Hayley Williams, just announced over the weekend that the band will not perform this song in a really long time due to some of […]

Finally, Excited again about Hip Hop

Some need the pumpkin spice latte to get re-interested in Starbucks.  Some need a dozen roses randomly given to get re-excited about a relationship. Looks like I needed Eminem to get mad, take on the whole rap industry, and drop a surprise album for me to re-engage with hip hop. I haven't listen to an [...]