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The Jonas Brothers Sing about The “Year 2019” [WATCH]

The hype is STILL going after The Jonas Brothers dropped their first single in FIVE years! Let’s throw it back though… to one of the BIGGEST bangers of their career. Year 3000   The Jo Bros were on The Late Late Show with James Corden the other night and decided to recreate this masterpiece as throwback […]

American Idol Judges Ranked!

Can you believe it?! — Once upon a time even Ellen was a judge on Idol. Love it or hate it, the singing reality tv-show is back on Fox.  So how do the current judges stack up compared to the judges of the past. Starting with the worst: Mariah Carey — season 12 She was […]

New Game of Thrones Cast Photos Released [PICTURES]

Winter is coming and it's bringing some hot cast photos to get us pumped for the final season of Game of Thrones. Take a look at some of your favorite characters like Arya, Sansa, Jon Snow, Tyrion, Daenerys Targaryen, and MORE. View this post on Instagram Characters posters are here. #ForTheThrone A post shared by gameofthrones (@gameofthrones) [...]

The Jonas Brothers are back! Check out their new song here!

Fans began to suspect that Nick, Joe and Kevin had a project brewing when the band’s Instagram and Twitter pages were randomly reactivated in 2018. And now it’s official! The group just dropped a new song called “Sucker.” Also you have plenty of appearances to look forward to with the guys taking part in James […]

Use your friends’ Netflix? Won’t for much longer.

Netflix is loosing about $192 million per month. A MONTH. Netflix will probably start cracking down. 1 out of 5 users on Netflix are bumming their binging from a friend or family member. Sharing the same account is fine if you live in the same house, but when Jimmy is at college using his parents […]