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New Lindsay Lohan Reality TV Show

What will MTV think of next? Also, who knew LIndsay Lohan was actually still doing things? Well apparently she’s teamed up with MTV to create her own reality TV Show, “Lohan Beach Club.” Check out a teaser below: I do have to say that I was skeptical about MTV’s creation of “Floribama Shore,” but I ended up LOVING […]

New Music From DJ Khalid with Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper!

Just when you thought this dynamic quad was over, they drop another song together! DJ Khalid, Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper worked together on the hit single “I’m The One” last year… Aaaaan they’re back. Not only do we get a new song, but we get the music video. Check out “No Brainer” below First […]

James Corden skydives with Tom Cruise [video]

Tom Cruise is making the rounds, doing all sorts of interviews to promote his new Mission Impossible flick… but no interview will stand out as much as this one, as Tom Cruise and James Corden ACTUALLY SKYDIVE together.  For Tom, this is just a normal Tuesday… but for James……. well you can see….   

New Music From Meghan Trainor, Jason Mraz, and Pentatonix!

Meghan Trainor AND Jason Mraz  did a collaboration?! STOP. Just stop. This is so cool. Check out the new song "More Than Friends" below: You may be thinking to yourself, "Are they a thing?" Well, no. Meghan is currently engaged to Daryl Sabara, remember the red-headed kid from the Spy Kids franchise? Yeah, him. Also, Jason is [...]

Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Announced at Comic Con

I call myself a nerd and I forgot that Comic Con was going on this past weekend… how dare me. The only reason I found out was because of social media! So many people attended in their best costumes and so many stars were there as always. What comes along with the festivities of Comic […]