5 Festival Essentials

5 Festival Essentials

5 Festival Essentials

With festival season fast approaching you have to make sure you have your gear ready to go and if it’s your first time going to a festival a few of these might surprise you.

First things first you are going to need water, and when you’re trying to see as many of your favorite artists as possible you don’t have time to stand in line for water over and over again. So the #1 festival essential is a Camelbak, they can get a little pricey but they hold tons of water and are very durable so they will last you for several festival seasons.

Secondly with thousands of people walking around the same area it can get really dusty and if you don’t want to go digging for brown gold for the next week you are going to need a handkerchief. You may look like a bandito but you’ll thank me later.

If you plan on camping out then #3 will save you in more ways than one. After the first day in the forest dancing to your favorite artists you’re going to be all sweaty and in need of a shower, you and thousands of other people. So a portable shower head is key for making sure everyday is as awesome as possible. There are a ton of these on the internet and you can get crazy with a $100 full covered shower or a $10 bag with a nozzle, both work, its up to you depending on how much money you want to spend.

Next your #1 priority while at a festival is to have the best time possible, and you don’t want to worry about ruining a new pair of shoes or having your feet hurt. So grab those old pair of kicks that you absolutely love but are too worn out to be worn in public. You’ll thank me after you hit 20,000 steps on your first day.

Last but definitely not least is something that should be on the list for anything you plan on doing during the summer, Sunblock. The last thing you need is to be too sunburnt to fully enjoy yourself. Even if you don’t burn easily standing outside in the sun all day without sunblock will make you burn faster than a ginger in June.

Too Long Didn’t Read

  • #1 Camelbak
  • #2 Handkerchief
  • #3 Portable Shower
  • #4 Old Shoes
  • #5 Sunblock

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