50 Movies / 50 States — Let’s Binge for ‘Merica!

50 Movies / 50 States — Let’s Binge for ‘Merica!

50 Movies / 50 States — Let’s Binge for ‘Merica!

So I started doing a little research, and there’s been quite a few good movies set in PA.

Movies like…


Also, I am now dying to see the 1939 flick Allegheny Uprising


Wanna really binge?  In honor of the 4th, how about 50 movies from our 50 states:

Alabama: Forrest Gump

Alaska: Into the Wild

Arizona: Tombstone

 Arkansas: True Grit

California: Vertigo

Colorado: The Shining

Connecticut: Mystic Pizza

Delaware: Fight Club

Florida: Magic Mike

Georgia: Gone With the Wind

Hawaii: Blue Crush

Idaho: Napoleon Dynamite


Illinois: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Indiana: A Christmas Story

Iowa: Field of Dreams

Kansas: The Wizard of Oz

Kentucky: Elizabethtown

Louisiana: Interview With the Vampire

Maryland: Wedding Crashers

Massachusetts: Good Will Hunting

Michigan: American Pie

Minnesota: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Mississippi: The Help

Missouri: Gone Girl

Montana: Legends of the Fall

Nebraska: Nebraska


Nevada: The Hangover

New Hampshire: What About Bob?

New Jersey: Garden State

New Mexico: Thor

New York: Elf

North Carolina: Bull Durham

North Dakota: Fargo

Ohio: Heathers

Oklahoma: Oklahoma!

Oregon: Wild

Pennsylvania: Rocky

Rhode Island: Dumb and Dumber

South Carolina: The Notebook

South Dakota: Son in Law

Tennessee: Walk the Line

Texas: Varsity Blues

Utah: 127 Hours

Vermont: Super Troopers

Virginia: Donnie Darko

Washington: Sleepless in Seattle

West Virginia: October Sky

Wisconsin: Bridesmaids

Wyoming: Brokeback Mountain


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