A Dog Really Is A Mans Best Friend

A Dog Really Is A Mans Best Friend

A Dog Really Is A Mans Best Friend

Judge Judy has always been known to have some crazy episodes and guests (Amy Schumer) sitting in her courtroom. Well in the craziest episode I have witnessed she let a dog loose in the court. She used this as a test to find out who the owner of the dog truly was.

After being released in the room the dog instantly went to his owner who had been claiming that his dog was stolen. This video went viral all over Twitter and melted hearts everywhere. The little white beast caught the attention of everyone in the courtroom as soon as he was brought in. You can check out the video below.

This scene looks like it was straight out of a movie scene, or I guess we should say TV show. The woman did not seem to happy towards the end saying things like, “He does that to everyone.” When the dog was jumping all over the other man. Dogs are known ┬áto be friendly individuals but, not that friendly right away. It always brings a smile to my face to see a dog and their owner reunited.


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