According to Chewy: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 *SPOILERS*

According to Chewy: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 *SPOILERS*

According to Chewy: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 *SPOILERS*

Okay so by now, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ve probably already watched last night’s episode. If not, retreat inside the crypt of Winterfell with Tyrion and Sansa and close your browser because there are totally going to be SUPER SPOILERS in here. After turning my TV off last night I looked at my girlfriend and said “What…did I just watch?” I was filled with so many emotions. I was angry, I was happy, sad, tired, excited, basically every emotion you could feel, I was feeling. With that being said some if not all of that anger was because I lost a $5 bet to my friend when I said “Brienne of Tarth will totally kick the bucket in this episode.” Clearly and thankfully that didn’t happen.

I was tired because lets be completely honest here, who wants to squint looking at that dark TV all night trying to figure out who is who or even what is going on. Come on Game of Thrones creators, we get it. On the cinematic side you guys had us trying to figure everything out and kept everyone on the edge of our seats but an hour and a half of squinting wasn’t something I planned on doing. AND what’s with all the fog? We know the Night King can control the weather but give us a break with not being able to see!

Okay since now that part of my rant is over let’s not forget the fallen (I guess you could also call them risen since…well…you know). Who didn’t go “NUH-UH” when Lyanna Mormont, Lady of Bear Island, was picked up and basically squeezed by that creepy undead giant? She went out though pretty awesome, taking him down! Go little Lyanna! But she wasn’t the first we felt for. After the 10,000 Dothraki literally had their lights put out, a long time favorite of mine was taken out by the White Walkers, Edd Tollett the friend of Jon Snow and the Acting Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Tears filled my eyes after he saved Sam because I knew, every time someone saves Sam, they kick the bucket!

Moving on from that heart dropping moment, how could we forget Beric Dondarrion and his heroic act of saving Arya? An audible “NO” was screamed every single time he was hit! I also woke my girlfriend up every time I did it because, well, she fell asleep. The show isn’t for everyone I guess. The final two times I cried, and I mean cried HARD, were when we lost our beloved Ser Jorah Mormont and Theon Greyjoy! I think we all knew Jorah was going to finish his time with us on the show but no one really wanted to see it happen. But I think I speak for everyone when I say we didn’t see Theon basically screaming “This is Sparta” like a 12 year old playing Call of Duty and running directly to the worst character on the show, sacrificing himself. Bran just sat there, c’mon kid you can see the past, future, and present tell him “Bud that’s not a good idea.” You’ve let everyone know you’re the Three Eyed Raven over 100 times, you couldn’t stop Theon?! You couldn’t save me from shedding so many tears and being judged by so many??

Finally I’ll talk about the big thing that happened. The death of the Night King. How do I feel about it? Great! Do I like who killed him? Nope! Never was a fan of Arya, I’m still not a fan but I’ll tell you what, what she did was pretty AWESOME! I screamed “LETS GO!!!!” when he finally vanished away! So all in all I can’t really complain on what happened!

All in all I thought the episode was absolutely amazing and I hope we see one more big battle when the “Last War” takes place. I wanted to see a cool battle between the living and the dead and that is kind of what we got but not entirely. With that being said I’m going to be so upset when the show finally ends but they better give us some really really awesome episodes to come! I’m happy the living prevailed and let’s all stick through these last few episodes and finally end this Song of Fire and Ice.


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