Amazon is going to teach you how to cook!!

Amazon is going to teach you how to cook!!

Amazon is going to teach you how to cook!!

Over the past couple years cooking has grown immensely in popularity but with home economics not being a required class for most high schools these days, where are you suppose to begin? You could watch the food network but they use about a million ingredients for a simple grilled chicken and you just learned how to boil water. Plus there is no way to buy just enough of what you need so even if you are able to make their meals you’ll have a ton of leftover ingredients that will go to waste.

Another option would be to follow some of the videos you see on Facebook, why not there only a minute long and they look easy enough. But most of these recipe’s are so unhealthy for you that after cooking for a week you will more than likely have a heart attack. There are also a lack of instructions with these videos so if you are a true novice you may have no idea of how to truly know if something is cooked perfectly or if it will leave you crouching over the toilet for the next 12 hours.

You could use a cookbook but this is 2017 and you didn’t buy a laptop or pay for an expensive phone plan to use a book….

This leaves one choice that may be a bit more expensive but it teaches you how to make delicious meals and gives you the exact amount of ingredients that you need so that nothing goes to waste. They have become more popular over the years and more businesses have began to pop up but the most recognizable name in this game is Blue Apron. They have built up their brand and a solid customer base but this could all be in jeopardy as Amazon plans to get in on the prepared food business and they have actually already started. Amazon has started offering a limited menu to some of their Amazon Fresh customers. There meals are between $15 and $19 which is comparable to Blue Apron but Amazon has some very obvious advantages.

Amazon already has a very extensive distribution system allowing them to deliver and organize they’re product much more efficiently than any business that is just starting out. On top of that Amazon has recently purchased Whole Foods giving them access to distribution of great ingredients already set up in almost all major cities in the United States.

Will this be the end to Blue Apron and companies like it or the start of a new world wide enterprise?


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