Amy Schumer LIVE at the BJC!

Amy Schumer LIVE at the BJC!

Amy Schumer LIVE at the BJC!

So good news… looks like dreams do come true… Since my 3 favorite pastimes in life are:
1. Watching funny videos of Amy Schumer on the internet
2. Watching funny videos of Adele on the internet
3. Watching funny videos of Ellen on the internet
You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Amy Schumer would be coming to the Bryce Jordan Center and performing live!

So I would love to give you all of the amazing show/info/ticket buying details, but the truth is… this was a whirlwind of an announcement for everyone. As soon as the Bryce Jordan Center has the details, we will pass them along.

We do know the show is April 8th! Hang on… lemme clear my calendar.

Also, catch up with the latest event info from the BJC at: BJC Ticket Info


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