Are cookies the hottest new contraband?

Are cookies the hottest new contraband?

Are cookies the hottest new contraband?


You know its almost Springtime when Punxy Phil predicts the weather and when the Girl Scouts roll out the annual cookie sale. Who’d guess such a tasty and innocent fundraiser could also be so dangerous but apparently this year instances of Scouts being robbed for their cash or their cookies are on the rise. Recently in Texas a group of girls were robbed who chose to fight back. They chased down the robbers in an attempt to get back their stash even grabbing onto the getaway car and allowing themselves to be dragged for a while in the hopes of stopping the theft. In California a group of Highway Patrolmen took up a collection to pay a group of scouts back for the loss of their cookie money and they bought out the girl’s remaining stash too. I realize these things are majorly addicting but I hope everyone remembers these are kids and they’re selling to fund a great organization so next time you spot a cookie stand please give generously and buy a box or 2 or 12…and moreso keep an eye out for these girls when they’re out and about. And if that sweet tooth’s gotten the best of you I’m happy to let you know you can even find those girl scout cookie stands online at Mmmm…save a box for me would you? And let’s all do our part to keep these girls safe out there. Its a crazy world!



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