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How much do we EAT on Super Bowl Sunday?!

Americans EAT A TON of food on Super Bowl Sunday!  As a nation, we’ll eat more than: 1.3 billion wings this weekend 28 million pounds of chips 8 million pounds of guacamole  10 million pounds of ribs And the average pizza place will see a 350% increase in orders compared to a normal Sunday! This […]

Kelly Clarkson Does the ALS Hot Pepper Challenge [Video]

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from several years ago?? You had someone dump a bucket of ice water on your head for ALS awareness. If you decided not to participate, then you would donate money to the cause. Same concept, but now people are doing the ALS Hot Pepper Challenge where you basically eat a [...]

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!

So tomorrow is Groundhog Day! A favorite for us PA natives! So… will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow tomorrow?! We’ll find out at 7:25am! PLEASE GOD! NO MORE WINTER! Haha! Some interesting Punxsutawney Phil facts here though.  He’s actually predicted a TON of winter throughout out time.  Check it out! We’ll keep you updated with Phil’s […]

Left Shark Didn’t Stick to the Choreography [Video]

Remember Left Shark? He performed alongside Katy Perry during the Super Bowl Halftime show a couple years ago. He went VIRAL when he was killing it on stage. Right shark couldn’t even compare. Well, the guy’s name is Bryan Gaw and he recently did an interview and explained everything about his performance! Turns out, he didn’t […]

A Few Super Bowl Commercials to Look Forward To! [Video]

I hate to say it, but I’m more of a Super Bowl halftime show and commercial kind of gal. The football is fun… but I will always ever only enjoy Penn State Football. Oh well. Speaking of commercials. Here are a few we can look forward to this Sunday! Danny DeVito as an M&M: How […]

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