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Ms. Frizzle and the Gang Are Back on the Magic School Bus! [Video]

Okay, I lied a little. The Magic School Bus IS coming back, but we aren’t getting Ms Frizzle… we’re getting her sister? In a new trailer for the rebooted Magic School Bus, Fiona Frizzle take the class on a bunch of educational adventures! Take a look:   The show is called “The Magic School Bus […]

The Mariah Carey Animated Movie Teaser Trailer is Here [Video]

What other celebrity creates a movie based off one of their songs??? How cool is that! Mariah Carey is taking her famous Christmas Jam, “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” and creating it into an animated movie. You may have already known that, but now we have an actual glimpse into the film. Check out […]

Justin Bieber only second person ever to gain 100 million Twitter follwers

Congrats to Bieber!  He becomes on the second person ever to get over 100 million Twitter followers! So where do other celebs rank? According to a website called, former president Barack Obama is third with around 94 million followers.  Then comes Taylor Swift with 85 million, Rihanna with 77 million, and Ellen DeGeneres with almost 73 million. The only celeb above Bieber? --- [...]

What Thriller Would Sound Like Without Music

September is TOMORROW! Meaning October is right around the corner, meaning Halloween is right around the corner. Where has this year gone?? What’s one of the most popular songs around Halloween? “Thriller” by Michael Jackson of course! Someone decided to remove all of the music from the song. So here is what we have:   […]

So…………………. Can we just talk about this?!

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have officially taken it to the next level! No, I don’t mean they’re dating or hooking up, I mean…. It’s just so much extra! I can’t take it! They’re pumping up the new season of their VH1 cooking show in a BIG WAY! Just watch:     Is it getting […]

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