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New Engagement Ring Trend is a Bit Bizarre [Picture]

Let's talk engagement rings! Do you have your significant other choose your ring? Or do you have to choose it yourself? Maybe you want to go an unconventional way instead... So maybe this new trend is for you! Behold, here is a diamond IMPLANTED into someone's finger: Microdermal wykonany przy użyciu biżuterii @wildcat_polska! #microdermal #dermal [...]

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Part 1 – Introduction

Written by: Jason Browne In the beginning of 2017, I wanted to figure out a way to give back to the community on a personal level. There are plenty of opportunities to be part of a team that has impact (like Rotary or State College Young Professionals), but the feeling of making direct, one-on-one change […]

State College Native to perform tonight on The Voice

Tonight and Tomorrow Stephanie Skipper will show the world her talent on The Voice. Below is a spoiler of her performance tonight where it shows the full duration of her audition but does not reveal who she picks as her coach. So if you don't want any spoilers don't go any further. But catch her [...]

Taylor Swift’s New Music Video for “Delicate” is Here! [Video]

The iHeart Music Awards were last night and Taylor Swift debuted her newest music video. Check out Taylor Swift becoming invisible and showing off her best dance moves in “Delicate.” I mean, I understand the concept, but I don’t at the same time haha. Myself, Jason, and the B-Terns are just confused. What do you […]

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