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Nutritionists Rank Halloween Candy From Best to Worst

Nutritionists ranked Halloween candy from the best to worst for you.  They based it on things like calories and sugar grams and whether there’s any protein or fiber to help keep you full. The candy still, certainly isn’t healthy…   Here’s their list of nine candies, starting with the best: 1.  Gummy worms One serving of […]

I Don’t Understand Taylor Swift’s Newest Music Video [Video]

Get ready Swifties!! Taylor Swift’s newest album is dropping in less than a month and all the teasing is killing me! First came “Look What You Made Me Do,” which blew up YouTube. Now, we have the music video of the second single she dropped off the album. Check out “Ready For It”   I […]

Creepiest Bug Ever. And its a moth!

Just in time for Halloween, we have found the creepiest bug on the planet. I'm usually not one to be creeped out by bugs, although I have a few weaknesses. Giant roaches. Swarms of Spiders. But generally things like moths are no problem. They just just fly around annoyingly and head toward the light. Pretty [...]

Mirror Will Only Show Your Face When You Smile? [Video]

What if you could see your reflection in a mirror only when you smile? So, if you have a sour-puss face, you would not be able to see yourself. I guess that also includes duck faces… Designer Berk Ilhan created this facial recognition technology that will only show your face when you smile. He created […]