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New American Horror Story: Apocalypse Teaser [Video]

If you need to catch up on what exactly creator Ryan Murphy is going for in this upcoming American Horror Story series, CLICK HERE to check out one of my previous blog posts. But guess what AHS fans?! We have a new teaser and this time we get to see some of our favorite returning characters!! Check it out: […]

Someone Gets Pulled Over Doing The “In My Feelings Challenge” [Video]

I thought this was over? Guess not since someone was just PULLED OVER by an officer for doing it! I’m talking about the “In My Feelings” challenge, which has people jumping out of their vehicles while singing Drake‘s song “In My Feelings” all while being filmed. Typically these are filmed in a parking lot or driveway, […]

New Song From Twenty One Pilots [Video]

Recently, Twenty One Pilots released new music leading up to their album released. “Jumpsuit,” “Nico and the Niners,” and “Levitate” have already been released, but now we have “My Blood.” Check it out: Their album “Trench” will be out on October 5th. What’s been your favorite Twenty One Pilots track so far? Comment below!

What is ASMR? Janet Jackson *softly* Explains

Angela loves ASMR. But what is ASMR? Sounds a lot dirtier than it is. Don’t worry Janet Jackson is here to not only explain what is is, but give your ears a sample of what to expect. And since its Janet Jackson, Jason has this on repeat. LOL. Turn it up and enjoy!