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The Merriam-Webster Word of the Year Is…

With over 70% more searches for the word than last year, the Merriam-Webster word of the year is… “Feminism.” The word saw a jump after the Women’s March in January and also after the whole #MeToo movement on social media. The editor for Merriam-Webster had this to say about the pick: “The word ‘feminism’ was […]

Stranger Things Bad Lip Reading [Video]

I was honestly just watching the “Bad Lip Reading – NFL” the other day and I lost it. Those are the type of videos that will NEVER get old. The folks at “Bad Lip Reading” just released a “Stranger Things” version you just HAVE to see! Unfortunately it looks like we are going to have […]

Here is a First-Hand Look of the California Wildfires [Video]

If you’ve watched the news or even been on Facebook, you may have seen many videos of what the wildfires currently look like in California. Here’s an example: Insane, right? But here is a first hand look at how some folks are affected. William Osman, who is a YouTuber, decided to share with his audience […]

Holiday Bitcoin – Buying $100 for Charity

So, yeah. Bitcoin. When I woke up this morning one bitcoin was worth $16,000. Two hours later it is worth about $15,500. In January it was worth about $1000. In case you are not familiar with financial trends, this is volatile. Below we have linked to sites if you want learn more about what Bitcoin is […]

When will we get the Final Season of GoT?

A question that has been asked by all fans of the series Game of Thrones is when will our favorite show return for the final season? It has been previously announced that season 8 will only be 6 episodes but most are not worried about that since they will have the same budget and that […]

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