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A First Look at Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” [Video]

When I heard Tim Burton was remaking “Dumbo,” I was honestly a little confused! If you’ve ever seen a Tim Burton film (Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas etc..), you’ll know that those films are a little on the darker side. So, how are you going to make Dumbo dark? Well, here’s a glimpse […]

How Other Brands Reacted to “IHop”Changing to “IHob”

Whoever decided to change IHop to IHob should be fired and get a raise at the same time haha If you know what I mean... Obviously this campaign got people talking, and honestly I want to try one of their burgers now, so it did the job! The best part about this whole situation is how other [...]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!

Nintendo had their press conference this morning at E3, Electronics Entertainment Expo, and had many great games to announce such as Mario Party for the Switch but one game was beyond all others!! Super Smash Bros Ultimate! This is the first Super Smash Bros in Several Years and it looks awesome!! It seems that you […]

E3 2018 – Jason’s Top 3 PS4 Games

The biggest video game conference is going on between June 12th and June 14th in Los Angeles. It's called E3 and I have always wanted to go.  Xbox & PlayStation make major announcements, software developers announce new games, and there is a lot of cosplay. While it is just getting started, here are Jason's top [...]