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So, Dog Leotards Exist Now [Pictures]

As if pets don't already hate us for dressing them up in ridiculous sweaters and shoes, now we have to make leotards for dogs. Every Husky needs a #sheddefender 🐶 #dogoutfit #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstgram #husky #huskiesofinstagram #huskies #dogstagram A post shared by ShedDefender (@sheddefender) on Feb 22, 2017 at 9:14am PST Three's a crowd! 🐶🐶🐶 Get [...]

You can now use KFC’s gravy to make alcoholic drinks!! Yay! Haha!

Who doesn’t need more KFC gravy in their life?! It’s so good… you can drink it!  And… now you actually can!  Okay, so this may be going a little far, but  KFC just released three COCKTAIL recipes that use their gravy as an ingredient.   1.  There’s a bloody mary called the Gravy Mary that uses vodka, an […]

This is The Ugliest Building In Pennsylvania

This sounds like a weird question to ask, but do you ever look at a building and say... damn, that building is ugly. Not trying to hate on the architect, but damn. Business Insider decided to ask members from every state what they think the ugliest building is... and they delivered! So who won (or [...]

Zayn Malik’s new tattoo has us all saying… WTF?!? Check it out here.

Congrats to the MEGA POP STAR SINGER recently celebrating his 25th birthday.  He celebrated by getting some new ink… which certainly doesn’t sound to crazy for the heavily tatted Malik, but his latest tat… is a little weird.   Did he get girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s eyes tatted on his chest?!   Comment below, tell us what you […]

These Horribly Photo-Shopped Family Photos Are Going Viral

Anybody have a horrible photo session experience? Maybe the photographer didn't know what they were doing... or maybe the pictures turned out horribly. Like this family's. Just read the description and look at the photos... I cannot stop laughing. I feel bad, but they're funny. Again... did anyone else have a similar experience? Can you [...]