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Blake Shelton is gonna get in Trouble :/

Blake Shelton Country Music star and one of the Hosts for The Voice may get in a little trouble after being on Jimmy Fallon last night. Jimmy and Blake played a game where they have to guess a song with just the instrumental being played. As usual Jimmy Fallon got nearly everyone right away. But [...]

Mister Rogers Neighborhood All Day Marathon Live Right Now!

Happy Birthday Fred Rogers... you will be forever missed! Celebrate his life and is "90th" Birthday with a live-stream of every single episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood <3 Watch live video from MisterRogers on The live-stream is brought to us by the video game streaming service "Twitch." they actually have a Mister Rogers related [...]

Would you drink a pickle slushie?!

Say what?!? Sonic may be getting a little too crazy with this one… They’re introducing the Pickle Slush this summer — Yeah, that’s right — A PICKLE-flavored slushie. So, would you try it? In case you were wondering the flavor is actually sweet pickle.  Pick one up from Sonic this summer!

Here’s What a Naked Zombie Looks Like [Picture] [SFW]

About a month or so ago, "The Walking Dead" teased the fact that they were going to have their first naked zombie on the show! How Scandalous. But honestly... it wasn't all that exciting. Take a look: Always indebted to the amazing folks at KNB and my on set crew @crognalegino @wasnerkevin @somemonsterism @jagar65 when [...]