Behold Spaghetti on the Go!

Behold Spaghetti on the Go!

Behold Spaghetti on the Go!

First came breakfast on-the-go with the breakfast bagel and croissant sandwiches. There’s breakfast burritos or pop-tarts, Danish and other delights. And of course there’s the beloved donut which has been glazed, turned and twisted into all kinds of tasty treats like the Cronut. There’s crème filled and jelly filled or just plain old sugar coated or glazed and all of them have their own unique appeal. So what happens with you cross the donut with a staple dinner dish? Behold the Spaghetti Donut!

If you cringed a little imagine how your Italian Grandma would react but this is a real thing. The Spaghetti Donut was cooked up by Smorgasburg at an outdoor New York market this past weekend. Its described as resembling a baked spaghetti casserole but in a hand-held design and as wrong as it may sound it seems people are going crazy to gobble up the five different flavors (red sauce, zucchini, aglio e olio, carbonara, and Bolognese)

Am I the only one who thinks they missed an opportunity? Where’s the Meatball or Sausage Filled Donut? Ew….those are words I never thought I’d speak. Anyway Mangia…sorry Grandma!


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Images courtesy Smorgasburg


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