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Bring the smell of NYC to your living room... | THE B94.5 LIVE | ALL THE HITS

Bring the smell of NYC to your living room…

Bring the smell of NYC to your living room…

Bring the smell of NYC to your living room…

Yes, don’t ask me why you would want to but you can now bring the smell of NYC into your home with a New York scented candle. New York City is known for many things never sleeping, bagels, diversity, but its smell is not the greatest. With so many buildings blocking airflow it can often smell pretty ripe, and that’s being nice.

So when this candle came out twitter was up in arms about what NYC smells like exactly. The hopeful few wanted it to smell like H&H Bagels or of the wonderful aroma of little Italy. However many expected the worst, one commenter was optimistic about the possible wretched smelling candle by saying they always wondered what urine on fire would smell like, another just posted a picture of a brown banana in stagnant water next to a sewer grate.

I was actually curious what this candle really smelled like so I looked into purchasing one for the studio, worst case scenario I could use as an incentive to keep the interns in line. But with the price tag of $70, and that’s without shipping, I took a hard pass.

Would you take the risk and buy this candle?


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