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Will 2018 be the 90’s part 3?

I think most people will agree that 2016 was the 90's part 2 with all the releases of 90's cartoons and 90's references making a comeback and I thought that once we hit 2017 we would never see the 90's again. But that is obviously not the case. As of right now there is going [...]

Don’t Propose This Way!!

I’ve seen the most ridiculous proposals before. I’m sure we all have. From flash mobs to pretending to jump off a cliff. Some are cute ideas, like the flash mobs, and others…. not so much. This guy decided to propose to his girl by┬áhaving an officer pull her over in a POLICE CAR! She even […]

Rihanna is every man(and women’s) dream in Valerian!!!

There are not many actors or actresses that would single handed make me change my mind about seeing a movie and before today Rihanna would definitely not be on that list. But she has sparked my interest in the movie "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" because she plays a character I have [...]

Ready for your letter from Hogwarts?

Since the first Harry Potter movie came out every kid, and many adults, have waited for their owl telling them they have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but unfortunately they have never come. But the next best thing is coming to stores in October!!! Two books will be released in October […]

Amazon is going to teach you how to cook!!

Over the past couple years cooking has grown immensely in popularity but with home economics not being a required class for most high schools these days, where are you suppose to begin? You could watch the food network but they use about a million ingredients for a simple grilled chicken and you just learned how […]

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