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April The Giraffe’s Calf Has a Name Now!

I've never seen anyone this excited about a giraffe in my life before. I mean, many giraffes have given birth prior to April. But holy moly... this was the talk of social media when the Animal Adventure Park started a live stream of the pregnancy and birth. After the calf was born, the organization decided [...]

Harry Styles Announces First Solo World Tour!!

It surely was a “Sign of the Times” this morning when we woke up and checked Twitter! With Harry Styles being a top trend I surely assumed his debut album had leaked, which I was hoping was not the case at all. Better yet Mr. Styles took to Twitter to announce his 2017 first solo […]

This New Heineken Commercial is Inspiring [Video]

Pepsi may have failed with their most recent commercial with Kendall Jenner, but not all hope is lost with beverage brands. Heineken just released a new commercial called “Worlds Apart.” They basically bring in two people with two opposite views on various topics to complete certain tasks together. But they don’t find out about the […]

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