Check Out How Thieves Can Steal Your Credit Card Info From An ATM

Check Out How Thieves Can Steal Your Credit Card Info From An ATM

Check Out How Thieves Can Steal Your Credit Card Info From An ATM

It’s good to be prepared when using your debit card at ATMs or gas stations these days.  It’s scary to think that thieves can steal your card info easily with a small device called a skimmer.  What’s even scarier? Check out how well concealed these skimmers are!!

This is from Vienna, but instances are more commonly being reported in the States as well.  Also, a good thing to consider if you’re traveling for vacation.  While on vacation, you may be more likely to need to use an unfamiliar ATM.

This also details several way thieves can not only skim cards, but install undetectable cameras to also capture your pin:

So what can you do if you need to use an ATM?

  1. It’s good to know what you’re up against.  What Are Skimmers?
    Skimmers are are essentially malicious card readers that grab the data off the card’s magnetic stripe attached to the real payment terminals so that they can harvest data from every person that swipes their cards. The thief has to come back to the compromised machine to pick up the file containing all the stolen data, but with that information in hand he can create cloned cards or just break into bank accounts to steal money. Perhaps the scariest part is that some skimmers don’t prevent the ATM or credit card reader from functioning properly.
  2. Check for Tampering
    When you approach an ATM, check for some obvious signs of tampering at the top of the ATM, near the speakers, the side of the screen, the card reader itself, and the keyboard. If something looks different, such as a different color or material, graphics that aren’t aligned correctly, or anything else that doesn’t look right, don’t use that ATM. The same is true for credit card readers. If you’re at the bank, it’s a good idea to quickly take a look at the ATM next to yours and compare them both. If there are any obvious differences, don’t use either one.
  3. Wiggle Everything
    Even if you can’t see any visual differences, push at everything, Tanase said. ATMs are solidly constructed and generally don’t have any jiggling or loose parts. Credit card readers have more variation, but still: Pull at protruding parts like the card reader. See if the keyboard is securely attached and just one piece. Does anything move when you push at it?



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