The Impossible Question

Weekday Evenings at 5:30p find out if you can solve… The Impossible Question… And win cool prizes too!

Some recent Impossible Questions and Answers:

The average woman in her 20’s does this twice a month. What is it?
Answer: Visits a tanning salon

Only 30% of people can do this. What is it?
Answer: Flare their nostrils

10% of adults in a recent survey said oddly enough, they really enjoy the taste of this. What is it?
Answer: Licking envelopes

If you’re average, you’ll do this 230 times in your life. What is it?
Answer: Go bowling

50% of women never leave home without this. What is it?
Answer: A mirror

If you sleep in a cold room, this is more likley to happen. What ?
Answer: have bad dreams

33% of women would change this about themselves. What is it?
Answer: their laugh

This is the oldest item you’ll find in someone’s refrigerator. What is it?
Answer: salad dressing

90% of us do it, 80% of us won’t do it if anyone else is around. What are we talking about?
Answer: Sing in the car

According to a new survey of moms, they say THIS is the number one thing they miss from their days without children?
Answer: Uninterrupted sleep

To improve their appearance, more than one quarter of men have done this
Answer: Shave their chest

56% of people do this on a regular basis on their couch. What is it?
Answer: eat ice cream

56% of brides won’t book a wedding venue unless it has this. What is it?
Answer: Good Wifi

30% of us have a fear of this…..What is it?
Answer: Clowns

People believe having this makes you 20% more attractive. What is it?
Answer: white teeth

58% of households still have one of these. What is it?
Answer: VCR

If you do it, you’ll do it five times before you’re satisfied. What is it?
Answer: Selfies

60% of us do this while we’re shopping at the grocery store. What is it?
Answer: Talk or text on the phone

46% of men don’t know how to do this task. What is it?
Answer: sew a button

77% of women in a recent survey said THIS is a big no for any guy over the age of 30. What it it?
Answer – An earring

The average woman waits 2.5 months before doing this in front of her partner. What is it?
Answer – Not wear any makeup

According to a new survey from Good Housekeeping, coffee is the most noticeable smell when you walk into a room. What is number 2?
Answer – Peanut Butter