Could American Idol Come Back?

Could American Idol Come Back?

Could American Idol Come Back?

American Idol just ended 10 months ago and there are already talks of bringing it back!

You may have heard that NBC had its eye on the show along with host Ryan Seacrest. But they already have “The Voice,” so why do they need yet ANOTHER singing competition? It’s not like “The Voice” is failing or anything. Ever since they brought Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus into the rotation of judges, I think the show is doing just fine.

Here’s the plan; their hope is to take American Idol and air it once a year to replace The Voice. So, I guess people need a break every once in a while? Makes sense.

The plot thickens though. Not only does NBC want to bring the show back, but FOX now wants the show back! Yes, you read that right… the network that CANCELLED the show in the first place wants to bring it back.

Apparently the reason they cancelled the show in the first place wasn’t because they didn’t like it or it was getting tired, but they couldn’t afford production anymore. They wish they could have re-done the whole show, with a new budget, and new judges. But they still also want Ryan Seacrest to stay on board. Good… we need him.

So it looks like at this point, we could see the show come back in about two years! Are you excited to see the show come back or are you over it? Comment below!


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