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Creepiest Bug Ever. And its a moth! | THE B94.5 LIVE | ALL THE HITS

Creepiest Bug Ever. And its a moth!

Creepiest Bug Ever. And its a moth!

Creepiest Bug Ever. And its a moth!

Just in time for Halloween, we have found the creepiest bug on the planet.

I’m usually not one to be creeped out by bugs, although I have a few weaknesses.

Giant roaches. Swarms of Spiders. But generally things like moths are no problem. They just just fly around annoyingly and head toward the light. Pretty simple.

That was until I found the most creepy moth ever. It looks like a cross between a Pokemon, a creature from Stranger Things, aliens, and your worst nightmare. It’s one of those creatures that you would see in a Sci-Fi film that take over the world. Without further ado, here is your monster.

According to Wired, the creepy hairy arm things, which are called “coremata,” help the moth to find a lover. The science doesn’t matter cause you won’t be able to ever look at moths the same way ever again. Enjoy your nightmares!


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