Hi there! I’m Sara! On Air with B94.5 middays from 10am – 2pm! Thanks for checking out my bio!  I love being a part of the B Crew and I love State College! The energy in the Happy Valley is amazing! There’s always something to do, whether it’s checking out a football game, hitting up a local bar, or just getting outside and enjoying this beautiful scenery.

If I’m not on the air, I’m probably hanging out with the two coolest creatures on the planet… my dogs.  Yeah, I’m one of those people!  My dogs and I love to hike! Mt. Nittany, the Shingletown Gap… Black Moshannon… We’ll go anywhere!

So what else is important to me?! …. Hmm…. Oh yeah! RADIO!

I got into radio when I was an undergraduate in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Oh by the way, yes, I graduated from Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne, which means I have a Purdue degree. I’m sorry!!! Penn Staters!!! I’m not worthy! Ha!

So, anyway, I was a student for more years than my mom would like to admit, but I have earned both my B.A. and M.A. in Professional Communication Studies. Also, I’ve been in radio this whole time! I started in Indiana, and now I’m home in PA! Radio is unbelievable. You get to meet awesome listeners, hometown legends, and musical artists. Plus days are always filled with crazy, spontaneous, fun!

Check me out on air from 10a – 2pm weekdays with the Boy Band Jam of the Day, Morons Making News, and of course, the best music in Happy Valley!

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Words that were “born” the same year as you!

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