DNA Test Results! – First Reactions (Part 3)

DNA Test Results! – First Reactions (Part 3)

DNA Test Results! – First Reactions (Part 3)

Wow. After all your life not truly knowing your background, and then getting a report from a company that only knows your DNA, is a bit weird. Finding out your background is a personal thing. Feel like my parents parents or relatives should be telling me this. Or this should be unveiled at a family reunion.  Or from Uncle Jimmy. Everyone loves Uncle Jimmy.

Feels impersonal knowing some intern, maybe name Jane, who also works part time at McDonald’s, dumped my spit into a machine, which ran a few calculations based upon previous data, and updated my DNA report card.  That said, thanks Jane. I know you need to pay off those college loans #STEM.

The results were a bit different than I expected:

78% of my ancestry is from various parts of Africa. 21% of my ancestry is from various parts of Europe. The remaining percentage is a mixture of Asian ancestry. Thought there were would be a lot more from Asia. I almost feel like they should run the tests again – wish they gave you an accuracy percentage.

Because the results seem to differ from what I have been told during my life about my background, I have three options: (1) let science dictate my perceptions of my background, (2) disregard the results and trust my family history from what I have been told, or (3) make neither my understanding nor a website dictate my identity.

In the next blog post we will dig a bit deeper into this conflict, the exact numbers, the features in the site, and more self reflection after reviewing results a bit more.


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