DNA Testing – Who is Jason? (Part 1)

DNA Testing – Who is Jason? (Part 1)

DNA Testing – Who is Jason? (Part 1)

One day Angela and I were discussing the idea of visiting the place where our ancestors originated. Angela is a full-blooded proud Italian and was easy to mention that she could go back to Italy. Me on the other hand, being African American, did not have such a clear answer.  I mentioned briefly that “most black people don’t know their family history older than a couple generations,” but didn’t expand on the thought. Sometimes complex ideas or sensitive topics are difficult to express in 3 minutes during our segments.

One listener, Rasa, one of our African-American listeners, was listening and sent us a message hoping that I’d expand on the limited knowledge I had about my background. The reason: Slavery, and its consequences, have prevented and diluted the ability for many African American’s to say “where they came from.” After a few emails, Rasa inspired me to expand on my own history by getting a DNA test.

So, over the next few weeks I have purchased a DNA kit from Ancestry.com and am going discuss the experience.  Along the way I’ll document the process of using a DNA test, the results, and the thoughts along the way. See the unboxing and intro video below:


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