Fitness Inspired


WEEK 1: Igniting Healthy Triggers
We talked turning everyday activities into triggers for healthy activities. If we do them enough, we can make healthy habits out of things we do everyday! For example, turning your shower into a spa experience (:

Week 2: Igniting Healthy Triggers Part 2
This week we talked again about turning regular activities into triggers for healthy behaviors. We focused on a trouble-time of day for people which is mostly in the evening. Check out our blog on the subject at ​

Week 3: Getting Your Momentum Rolling
We talked using strategies to get your momentum rolling. You can be motivated, but you need to take action to get into a good rhythm and build momentum! Either building up slowly or jumping right into a routine!

Week 4: Keeping Your Momentum Rolling
​Building momentum by using a checklist is helpful tool aka the Seinfeld Technique. Enjoying the process is also a good technique to hep build momentum.

A Big thanks to Kiersten from Fitness Inspired for this week’s Health Tip!

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