Forget ‘Ride Along 2’, Where is ‘Bad Boys 3’?

Forget ‘Ride Along 2’, Where is ‘Bad Boys 3’?

Forget ‘Ride Along 2’, Where is ‘Bad Boys 3’?

Looks like Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have the magic necessary dethrone the behemoth known as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Rotten Tomatoes has the ‘Ride Along 2’ rated at only 14%, playfully suggesting that “Ride along 2 isn’t worth the trip.” But despite its poor reviews, the ‘Ride Along 2’ has already grossed ($42.21 Million) more than it cost to make ($40 Million) after just one weekend.

With the success of the Ride Along, we can’t help but wonder why there are not clear plans for Bad Boys 3 and 4. It has been rumored for years that Bad Boys III and IV is in the works, however details are vague. THR states that the movie is confirmed for release on February 17, 2017 but cannot confirm how Will Smith or Martin Lawrence is involved.

Ride Along might have won the award for being the most successful recent cop duo, but PLEASE bring back the coolest, most bad ass team in Bad Boys. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence where are you?

Oh, and get Michael Bay again for the 1.3 trillion explosions. 🙂

The movies even have the same plot. Check out this comparison:

Updated 1/21:
IMDB says that Bad Boys 3 is Martin Lawrence’s next movie, so we will have to wait until Will Smith makes up his mind about the role before we see Martin on the big screen. It might take a few months for Will Smith to bounce back though – he was surprisingly not recognized with an Academy Award nomination for the amazing performance in Concussion. At least we can look forward for to Will’s appearance in Suicide Squad. Release date for Suicide Squad is set for August 6, 2016.


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