Harry Styles Debut Album Is Now Out!

Harry Styles Debut Album Is Now Out!

Harry Styles Debut Album Is Now Out!

Roughly around 7:13 PM last night fans everywhere received a tweet from Harry Styles that looked a bit like this one.

Okay, so maybe you only saw this tweet if you have notifications sent to your phone. The internet went CRAZY as UK fans got their first taste of what Harry’s new sound was all about! As for fans back in the US, we still had about five hours. Five painful hours of staying off the internet so nobody ruined the music for us.

But when midnight finally hit here, this was fans everywhere. giphy

The album was made up of 10 songs that completely ripped this artist away from his innocent little band. This debut album gave a sound that we would have never heard from One Direction, and I love it. Harry Styles has found his style and he is rocking it track by track.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Meet Me in the Hallway
  2. Sign of the Times
  3. Carolina
  4. Two Ghosts
  5. Sweet Creature
  6. Only Angel
  7. Kiwi
  8. Ever Since New York
  9. Woman
  10. From the Dining Table

But, of course fans analyzed each song lyric by lyric and have placed a target on Harry’s back accusing him of writing a song, Two Ghosts, about Taylor Swift. This wouldn’t be the first time he’s done this though. *Cough* Perfect *Cough* So, Nick Grimshaw decided to bite the bullet and ask him about it in a recent interview.

After listening to the album last night and a few times this morning it’s hard to pick a favorite but I would have to choose Kiwi or Only Angel. They both blowout lyrics that we are not used to hearing from the artist. His debut album went #1 in 84 countries and that is not a shock to me at all.

Harry is set to go on a solo world tour this fall that will be starting in the United States and ending in Japan. We wish the artist nothing but the best from here on out because we will definitely be along for the ride.


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