Harry Styles Releases New Single “Sign of the Times”

Harry Styles Releases New Single “Sign of the Times”

Harry Styles Releases New Single “Sign of the Times”

It’s a marvelous day for One Direction fans everywhere! The boy band went on hiatus 480 days a go, yes it has been that long. For months we have been hit with new tracks from Zayn, Niall, and Louis while Liam became a father. This left others saying, “WHERE THE HECK IS HARRY???” Okay, well maybe it was just me saying it. We knew the British beauty was working on set for his newest film Dunkirk but we needed just a little more. Well, Harry Styles has officially warmed our hearts and come out of the darkness.

Sign of the Times was the hit none of us knew we needed. After the release of this single I truly believe that One Direction never would’ve lasted as a band. I’ve been a “Directioner” since day one and it’s amazing to see the boys going in all directions, while succeeding at the same time. Harry’s single has a touch of Pink Floyd and David Bowie and is definitely a new sound for him. Harry has crushed it today. Not only is his song #1 in over 80 countries, he broke Adele’s record for the fastest song to make it to #1 on the US iTunes!

Twitter has been blowing up with reactions to this song as well and we honestly can’t help but laugh and agree to these users!


We can also go ahead and check out my two favorite tweets in response to Harry’s hit!

But, Louis and Zayn, where you at?

I am buzzing with all of the responses Harry is receiving and I am so anxious for the rest of his album to come out which is set to have approximately 30 songs on it! WHAT?! 30 more songs of this beautiful voice! Harry is set to perform his new hit along with another new song on Saturday Night Live on April 15, 2017! You can check outĀ Sign of the TimesĀ  below if you haven’t had the chance yet!



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