Holiday Bitcoin – $100 for Charity Update (Part 2)

Holiday Bitcoin – $100 for Charity Update (Part 2)

Holiday Bitcoin – $100 for Charity Update (Part 2)

So this bitcoin thing is more complicated than I thought!

Our $150 was worth $175 the other day. At the time of writing this, it is worth $155. Fluctuations, Fluctuations, and more uncertainty. We will cash out in the beginning of the New year and donate it to a local charity to complete our short test. But how did we get here?

So, the site ( that I wanted to get Bitcoin from has been “busy” or a week. Every day I tried at least twice and to no avail. Either my timing is off, or their servers are overloaded. Here is what I have been getting:


The one time I did get through it didn’t take my Student ID because it appeared not “valid” enough. I suggested in the previous post to not use a government issued ID. Looks like you have to when purchasing Bitcoin.

So during the week of 12/13, the week after I started this and having no luck, I ended up purchasing $100 worth of bitcoin from another site: There is a $12 fee going through this site, but the Bitcoin did show up in my Bitcoin Wallet a few hours after purchase.

I’ll explain the Bitcoin Wallet and more updates in the next blog post.


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