Hot tubs with beer? Sign me up NOW!

Hot tubs with beer? Sign me up NOW!

Hot tubs with beer? Sign me up NOW!

When ever we look to take a vacation, the hotel amenities are just as important as the location. The room should have beds that are bouncy enough to jump on, but comfy enough to sleep till noon. The breakfast has to be fresh – bonus points if they have an omelette station. But most importantly, there needs to be a hot tub somewhere on the premises.

Well BrewDog’s new hotel might set a new standard amenities, breakfast, and hot tubs.

BrewDog’s created an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund their dream…of opening the world’s first craft beer hotel. This hotel would be housed on the same campus as their first U.S. taproom in Columbus, Ohio.

Some of the proposed hotel’s unique features:

  • In the luxury suite, they plan on installing a hot tub filled with IPA.
  • Craft beer pairings also come with every beer-infused breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Each room will be beer-themed.
  • Each room comes with a tap that pours out BrewDog’s Punk IPA.
  • There’s a mini-fridge full of beer in each shower.
  • Guests will be able to taste limited-edition brews.
  • Beer-infused spa treatments.

Let us know if you need a craft beer travel partner into this heavily place 🙂

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