Is This The New “Dress” …Not Again

Is This The New “Dress” …Not Again

Is This The New “Dress” …Not Again

Americans love to argue… about everything, and this is just adding to the fire.

First comes “The Dress” – was it Black/Blue or White/Gold? Well it turns out it was originally Black and Blue. So that was settled.

Now, we have part two. Shoes and nail polish.

TotallyMendes, a Twitter user from Boston, posted a picture asking which out of two nail polishes matches a pair of shoes she was going to wear. Once again, everyone was split.

One nail polish is pink, and one is purple… but what color is the shoe?



Which nail polish matches the shoe?! What do you think? Comment below. I personally think the right matches better, but most people think it’s the left left nail polish!


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