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Join the 6 mile high club | THE B94.5 LIVE | ALL THE HITS

Join the 6 mile high club

Join the 6 mile high club

Join the 6 mile high club


I’m sure we’ve heard joining the mile high club can be fun but for those who fly solo or perhaps who want to soar a tad higher here’s your shot to join the 6 mile high club. Here’s Betsy Beer a new brew crafted by Hong Kong’s Pacific Air. They claim that at the high altitudes of flight most of us lose our sense of taste and smell but Betsy’s been brewed for optimal flavor at over 35,000 feet but they say it’ll also be the best beer you ever have on the ground too. Now if they can only come up with a way to drown out the crying kids and the sound of the creepy guy snoring beside me on the next flight we may have something. On second thought I suppose if I down enough of these that may fix the problem on its own. Happy Flying and enjoy.


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