Justice League could lose between 50 and 100 million

Justice League could lose between 50 and 100 million

Justice League could lose between 50 and 100 million

So I keep waiting… and waiting…. waiting for DC Comics to make movies that are as good as Marvel’s.  Honestly, with names like Batman and Superman on the DC-side, they should have no problem at least keeping up with Marvel.  After Superman vs. Batman was such a disappointment, I thought for sure they would really step up their game. 

But here we are, talking about all of the reasons we didn’t like Justice League.

With a movie as big as Justice League still expected to make hundreds of millions of dollars, how can it lose money?  Basically, it also took hundreds of millions to make the movie and 170 million was spent on marketing.  Forbes magazine breaks it down like this: 

  • Forbes puts Justice League’s overall worldwide box office at an estimated $635 million total.
  • Justice League is estimated to earn an additional $170 million in subscription / VOD / online home video sales.
  • Warner Bros. is estimated to earn $545 million in net revenue for the film, set against a $600 million estimated cost to make, market, and release the film.
  • Retail income for Justice League is not really speculated on (a reference is made to Batman v Superman still earning $800 million – 1 billion in annual merchandise sales, so JL could definitely top that and offset some loses on the actual movie.
  • The final $50 – 100 million range in possible losses depends on a lot of factors (overhead costs, time to collect on residuals, actual marketing costs for the studio, etc.) but it is a solid estimate.

So, Justice League will probably lose money by the time it’s all said and done.  I liked Wonder Woman, but I’m not too interested in seeing Justice League after all of the reviews.  What did you think of the movie? Comment below. 


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