Leto a Playboy?

Leto a Playboy?

Leto a Playboy?

Only a week after the death of Hugh Hefner, Jared Leto has announced that he will portray Hef in an upcoming biopic for Brett Ratner. Ratner and Leto have been working on getting this biopic going ever since Ratner purchased the rights back in 2015.

Leto has already a little familar with the Mansion that Hef spent most of his time in after being invited there for a showing of American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story and to celebrate Hugh Hefner’s 91st birthday. Unfortunately Leto was never able to meet Hef himself before he passed.

I am interested to see how Jared Leto will be able to portray Hugh Hefner himself without ever actually meeting him but considering he is a 45 year old man who looks like he is still in his 20’s I’m sure he will be able to portray Hef’s youthfulness well.


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