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Listen to music Forever!!!!

Listen to music Forever!!!!

Listen to music Forever!!!!

I was just looking at some external hard drives the other day and I could not believe how far we have come in data storage in the past couple years. The last time I bought am external was a few years ago and I got 500GB for around $90. When I looked earlier this week I found that you can now get 3-4 terabytes for the same price, an incredible deal when you think back to just 10 years ago you would of paid twice as much for a 64GB hard drive.

But now the next step in Data Storage has been taken as IBM and Sony have worked together to create a tape cartridge that will hold 330 Terabytes. That is enough space that if you filled it entirely with music it would take you over 627 years to listen to it all. Why is this so exciting? Because in 2006 a tape cartridge of roughly the same size was able to hold 8 Terabytes, meaning that in 11 years our storage space has increased by 4100%. At a rate like that we could expect to have a tape cartridge in 2028 that could store 13.5 Petabytes, that’s 13,612.5 Terabytes. That’s enough storage that you could listen to MP3’s till the sun explodes, and that is not an exaggeration  13.5 Pb is enough space to store 10 million years worth of music. And what better way to live a 100,000 lifetimes then to listen to an endless stream of music.


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