Music for Kitty’s!!!

Music for Kitty’s!!!

Music for Kitty’s!!!

That’s right science has finally done something right and developed music specifically for cats and it doesn’t sound to bad to humans either. Researches from the University of Wisconsin have made some pretty relaxing tones based to help cats be more calm and relieve them of stress in certain situations, one of which being separation anxiety. The crazy thing is IT WORKS!! I played some of the clips for my cat and he was instantly drawn to it and even purred to it.

The music was developed trying to imitate natural cat sounds, keeping in mind that cat calls tend to be about an octave higher than human voices and they also tried to keep the rhythm and tempo in line with cats purring which is very similar from house cats to lions. But you don’t have to take my word for it check out some samples below.


I can’t wait for DJ CATid to make a remix.


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