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My New Strange Addiction

My New Strange Addiction

My New Strange Addiction

I find that lately I have a new addiction every single week, nothing harmful, just something that occupies my thoughts constantly throughout the week. My last Strange Addiction was watching competitive eating, it is very weird and probably grosses a lot of people out to see a human just stuff their face with as much food as possible but I found it mesmerizing. And although I still watch some of these videos throughout the week I have moved on to my next addiction. This one also has to do with YouTube videos but speaks to the tech guy inside of me instead of the gluttonous food lover. The channel I can’t get enough of is Unbox Therapy where a man named Lew gets items sent to him by fans or tech companies for him to check out. He will even buy items himself so he can give his honest opinion on the products. Although most of his items are in the tech realm he also feature many other items as well such as everyday items to get you more organized or things to get the kids ready for school and even a face that will eat your cash. There is something so satisfying about watching Lew open up a box and experience his genuine initial reaction with him. The only thing I could compare it to is watching a child open up a present on Christmas morning. You know back when you opened a present and it was one of the 50 things you asked for but you had no idea which gift your parents were going to go with.

This channel is also perfect if you like to listen to music since more than half of the videos for Unbox Therapy are of headphones either In ear, over ear, or even bone conduction and of blue tooth speakers of several different varieties and price points. But you don’t have to just listen to me, check it out for yourself!¬†https://www.youtube.com/user/unboxtherapy


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